Is social media the real winner in the marriage postal vote?

12 million Australians logged into Facebook every day in August. 16 million Australians were enrolled and eligible to vote in August. With these numbers of Australians logging into Australia’s most dominant social media platform each day, could social media be responsible for the impending result in the Marriage Law Postal Survey? As someone who identifies […]

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Race Wars in the Media

It is commonly researched and held that the media plays a huge role in how we perceive race. It is particularly an issue in how the media has skewed our understanding of race and crime together. “Television news programs and newspapers over-represent racial minorities as crime suspects and whites as crime victims. Black and Latino […]

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Social Media & Journalism

“Journalists are equal participants in the Twitterverse, not all powerful information gatekeepers and agenda setters. Nevertheless, their combinant professional skill set of research, investigation, verification, information curation, sense-making, and narrative-weaving, appropriately deployed, can make them influential and trusted users.” (Posetti, 2013). Social media has a powerful role in the journalism industry. Many researchers and journalists […]

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Fake News and Facebook

Fake news has been around for a very long time and has always been inherently bad. In recent times, social media, namely Facebook, has exacerbated and changed the nature of this problem to the extent that many are calling to these large social and digital organisations to play a bigger part in now working towards […]

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Press Freedom in Australia

“It goes without saying that in an open democracy, a robust free press is essential.” – Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance  Press freedom plays a vital role in a functioning democratic society, this much is obvious. By recognising this importance, it is then interesting in seeing how free the press of a certain country is. […]

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Public Interest Journalism

Public Interest Journalism is not universally defined and what it may mean to a journalist is likely to differ to a member of the public. However, a blanket approach to defining it would be information that a journalist would investigate that the public has a right to know. It is already obvious how this definition […]

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Whistleblowers & Journalists

Whistleblowing is, by no means, a new resource for journalists. However, it is interesting in seeing how the roles and issues surrounding this relationship have developed in our digital landscape. These roles and ethical issues were certainly thrust into the spotlight in recent times following the large scale investigation surrounding the Panama Papers. Being the […]

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Investigative Journalism

MCCARTHY’S ADVOCACY CONTINUES TO SHINE LIGHT ON SEX ABUSE As the final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Reponses to Child Sexual Abuse is due by the end of this year, Christina Koutsoukos presented a case study of the role journalism played into the lead up to the commission. Dr Koutsoukos, a lecturer in […]

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